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Sweet Romantic things to do for your lover
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Sweet things to do for your boi
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Sweet things to do for your boi

This is for gurls to do with their guys
This was realy hard to think of becouse guys are hard to get things for and to know what to do for them with out making it seem sissie like lol.........................

when he's at work put little hershey's kisses all over his car and write a message on his window like "i love you" "kisses" "always and foreva" "greatest/best man/boi on earth" "i love him/you"

if you both have a specail song then get it on cd and put it in his car turn the volume way up and put a little message on the stearing reel not on the radio becouse he might geuss

when he's far away send him a litle box with a note in it saying "when ever you feek down or alone just open this box and you'll have a hug and kiss from me" put little hersheys hugs and kisses in the box as well

stick a note in his pocket or send him a note on his cell saying "i love you" in as many differnt languages as you can (this is a rly kool thing to do if he's studying or teaching a language class)

for a simple task cook him dinner dont sit at the table sit on the couch or bed to eat and watch a movie one of his choice but not to action-y lol once your done dinner get dessert witch is anything romantic and/or suddctive like strawberries and chocolate a fruit fondue or even a crousiant filled with berries whip cream and chocolate (messy is always great) 

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