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Sweet Romantic things to do for your lover
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Sweet Things to do for your gurl
Sweet things to do for your boi
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Sweet Things to do for your gurl

This is for guy's to do with there gurls

Send flowers on her birthday but send her HER flowers for her birth month

januay=flower=carnation. stone=garnet

febraury=flower=violet. stone=amethyst

march=flower=jonquil. stone=aquamaine

april=flower=sweet pea. stone=diamond

may=flower=lily of the valley. stone=emerald

june=flower=rose. stone=pearl

july=flower=larkspur. stone=ruby

august=flower=gladiolus. stone=peridot

september= flower=aster. stone=saphire

october=flower=calendula. stone=opal

november=flower=chysanthemum. stone=topaz

december=flower=narcissus. stone=turquoise


1. Something Original
Name a star after your sweetheart

2. Message In A Bottle
Romantic, mysterious, and intriguing  put the bottle in the bath tub or tie it with a small string and let it float up near the shore so that when your walking its easy to see

3. Gold Roses
Real roses...with a extra little touch to it they are very expensive anywere from $59-$112 but if you need to apoligize this is very sweet way of doing it (I personaly love the platanium rose)

4. Teddy Bears
 very sweet to have a teddy deliverd to her house or take her to a teddy shop and let her make one either way very sweet

5. Love Greeting Cards
Send a card to say srry....... make sure its realy got something to do with your relationship with her and hs a got a funny side to it gota make her cry and laugh.....or just to say hi and you miss her even tho you wer just with her

6. Flowers 
sending flowers to her house always a great touch but what about work? or even pick up some flowers when your out with her and see them or line them up on a path to a picnic or something like that

7. Books
go to an old book shop and even read books that are in a different lagauge even tho you cant read it! 

8. Engraved Gifts
Lockets, keepsake boxes, frames, candle holders
9. Gourmet French Chocolates
try chocolateee and feed her!

10. Massage Lessons
massage each other and dunt get to cocky and massage to close to were you shouldnt be

get a bunch of tea lights or any candle for that mater candles are a girls best friend kinda lol just make sure they smell nice not to your liking but hers (guys always buy candles that stink but think they smell great and us girls just smile and say thx lo)

stick notes in her pockets before she goes to work or send her romantic sayings to her cell or send a note her work


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