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Sweet Romantic things to do for your lover
Stupid pick-up lines
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Sweet Things to do for your gurl
Sweet things to do for your boi
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Stupid pick-up lines
Pick up lines you should NEVER use

Im online alot (i no not a good thing lol) and anyone that has ever hit on me online has said the dumb-est things like................

"damn baby your sexy if being sexy was ilegal you'd be the most want'ed"

"are you a modle?" (iam 5'4 explain how exactly you thought i was a modle?lol)

"iam looking for fun and you look like fun wanna hook up and you can br a friend"

"im only into younger ladies"

"i dunt care what you look like i love you"

"will you go on cam for me?"

(not realy a pickup line but......)
"check my profile if you are anything like i described add me"



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